Monday, 19 January 2009

A taste of Mendoza (while you are freezing)

We tried to do our bit for the Argentinean economy, as you can see. Someone has to because it is truly staggering how little the Argies drink. Christmas Eve at Ana's - there were about 18 or so of us. By the time we started to clear up at about 2 in the morning I counted just 3 (yes three) empty bottles of wine and a few bottles of beer. We discovered this relative abstinence is normal everywhere. Perhaps it also explains how most Argies manage to stay slim(ish) despite a diet of vast quantities of meat, ice cream and chocolate.

(Pic below) Amid the cab sav vine leaves at Alta Vista vinyard in the foothills of the andes. Alta Vista also makes a fab Torrontes. We visited Alta Vista, Ruca Malen, Renacer and Tapiz wineries. The Malbec in all places really good - something about the altitude and the desert atmosphere, dry, very few pests, controlled water supply etc perfect for the growing of Malbec when the grape had failed miserably in France. They also grow Cabernet Sav in all the vinyards we saw. Incidentally our favourite wine (albeit the most expensive) was a Humberto Canale Malbec from Patagonia. Fin del Mundo from Patagonia also one to watch out for.

Me sitting amid the mosaics of Plaza Espana

Sarmiento - cafes in the shade where we had countless cups of coffee and a few beers

The gringo trap

Climbing the seven colours cerro (below)

(Below) walking at about 4,000 metres under the peak of Aconcagua (about 7 thou)..difficult to breathe easily at this altitude. A 40 minute walk was enough...


Stephanie said...

Jancis is keen on Humberto Canale wine and so far I have found you a German supplier.

Maggie&Jenks said...

Well Jancis is the goddess on these matters, so I feel hugely good about our taste. You have to try the Torrontes tho - we had a really beautiful Alta Vista Torrentes - smells light, flowery and sweet but tastes completely different dry with a hint of a tang. New white for us, but loved it. A real summer wine. Oh sorry.